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The Secret inside of Chateau Mouton?


It all started in 1853........! Wait, another history lesson? 
I heard you there! Well, I was an average student in history class so I will leave that to google - my best history teacher. I am here for the fun part, and most importantly what you get from 60 Euros and 2.3 hours? Sounds practical?

Is it money well spent?/ 期望于失望


People say I am picky. Maybe I am a little bit so unlike other articles i start with the things you will find dislike first.
If this is your first time to visit the “first growth chateau” in Bordeaux like me, i am sure the first thing you will expect is to taste some of the ancient wine at some secret underground or at least what so called “barrel tasting”. Well, you will be disappointed! We were given a bottle of 2012 vintage (I was so hoping to taste my birth vintage 😭😭) of Chateau Mouton at a tasting room, the bottle is around HKD4000 market price and it was just 1 glass of 30ml for the tasting, so you do the math.
2012 Vintage / 2012 年份

The second thing you will expect is to walk around the vineyard 😍😍 and take a fresh bite of some best known Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot in the world. Unfortunately you are not allowed to do so at least at the time I visited. Though i did take some pics from far away🤷‍♂️!

Far away look of the Vineyard / 遠望酒園

The real beauty / 木桶真實的美


Now you know what you are not gonna get. Let us leave the negative behind us, and I am gonna show you what really makes Chateau Mouton great. It will not be the 1983 vintage tasting that lasts in my memory forever, it will be the beauty inside the chateau and the story that makes people fall in love with the place🧡🧡. And trust me it is worth so much more than 60 Euros.

A gate into the art / 進入藝術殿堂之門
A modern pathway / 現代的走廊: You may not see in the photo but like i said in my last note, if you come around harvest time, the white wall you just see will be disappeared. All the machinery will be in operation around you.So everything in here is pure magical!
The vat room upper floor / 釀酒的房间上層:Something worth notice as the grape does not go through normal crashing instead it is automatically dropped into the steel vat purely because of gravity!🎈🎈
The vat room ground floor / 釀酒的房间下層: Here is where the blending takes place, so the fermentation takes place on the upper floor then it feeds into the ground using gravity again to do the blending! Amazing design!
The 2017 Vintage/ 2017年份的木桶在陳釀
The racking place / 工作人員在試酒
The cellar room/ 陳年酒窖:All the wine inside the cellar are not for sell, only for the owner's enjoyment or his guest. So these are not something you can just buy!
Negociant Room / 酒商品酒: So every year all the negociant "business man" will be gathered to taste the newest vintage and decide that year's price. It is in this room where it happens if it is chateau mouton's turn to host!
The great barrel hall / 主人的驕傲:So to continue, if it is chateau mouton's turn to host that year "meeting", all the mouton wine barrels will be staged in this room and all the negociant is looking at this grand place when they think how to evaluate the wine. It is the show off of power to the world that chateau mouton is the first growth!

Art work / 藝術殿堂

If you know a bit of the background, you will know Chateau Mouton is the first chateau who bottles its wine in the chateau, not the others! So later everyone follows the same operation! It is the famous Baron Philippe who frighted all the years to finally make its chateau clime the ladder to become 1 of 5 first growth together with Chateau lafite, Chateau Margaux, Chateau Latour and Chateua Petrus! He loves art and over the years he collected so many arts, which we are allowed to discover. Unfortunately, photography is forbidden, but if you are an art lover it is such a treat!
The love of art of Baron Philippe himself can be seen from the labels on the bottles as each year they work together with one of the famous artists to design a beautiful label, including Miró, Chagall, Braque, Picasso, Tàpies, Francis Bacon, Dali, Balthus, Jeff Koons and even Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales!
Baron Philippe and his second wife / Baron Philippe 先生和太太
1975 Vintage Label by ANDY WARHOL / 太太的最愛 ANDY WARHOL 1975 年份
1983 Vintage Label by SAUL STEINBERG / 我的最愛 SAUL STEINBERG 1983 年份

The labels idea was first launched in 1945, as you walk pass by the original pieces you feel like you went back time and images are just floating in your mind. It is just amazing experience.

The end / 結束

Well, all story has to come to an end and it is up to you to discover more about this beautiful paradise because you don’t want to spoil the movie before you have the chance to see yourself.
The wine, the history, the art, the place, the people, you put them together that makes this place great. So does it worth the visit, definitely yes. Does the wine worth HKD4000, it is up to you to decide!
Our next stop - Chateau Beychevelle .😉😉🚙🚙

Hope you enjoy our tips, if you like to know more please do "Like" our Facebook page, it is your support that keeps us motivated and continue what we do and share with all of you!

Also you can find more photos of our trip and find out more of events and activities!

Bottle Wander / 酒行者