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Why Leclerc Braint?

If you have asked any wine professional to recommend you a Champagne book, most likely Peter Liam's  "Champagne: The Essential Guide to The Wines Producers and Terroirs of The Iconic Region" will be the answer!

Probably everyone knows that I don't care much about labels, and I have been putting myself on one of the most difficult wine merchant path possible, that might because I have a background in engineering and I have been working in the telecom industry for more than a decade before I switched to wine, I love innovations and I respect unqueness!

When I was looking for a champagne brand that I can work with, I was not in immediate luck (The first time was in Singapore Prowein in 2017). It is always the big Champagne brand without identity or the hype of grower Champagne that people seem to find relation to (I don't understand why as these days grower Champagne become Champagne house when their demand increases). So for me, nothing was new and exciting.

I went on and bought few copies of this book and shared with some of my industry friends. But frankly, I had very few expectations. Not until I read about Herve Jestin part that enlightened me completely, Imagine I was awoken from a 100-years sleep. To quote Peter Liam words, "It isn't easy to describe the brilliance of Herve Jestin, or explain why he is one of the best........., there is much about his methods that is difficult to comprehend. His wines are unlike anything else made in Champagne". 

There was a thousand questions in my head at that moment, whom has such power to differentiate himself from all the greatness. I continued my research on him and Leclerc Briant and watched his workshop video, followed LB's Instagram, and really tried to understand, still I could not understand probably half of it.  Just to give you a few example:

  • Everyone talks about biodynamic in the vineyard, he has been doing that for decades, not just in the vineyard but also in the winery.
  • He uses all kind of natural, organic materials to achieve the purity for his Champagne, some of them I have even never heard of.
  • They are experimenting with all cuvee zero dosage, no sulphite in Gran Blanc cuvee, ageing wine in barrels, glass globes, horizontal eggs (unlike vertical eggs commonly seen in wineries nowadats), under the Atlantic sea....  
  • In 2016 vintage, they are experimenting with 24K golden barrels.


When Yohann MS visited our little shop and I introduced him the LB Champagne, he asked me "Why golden barrels?", my answer was "I don't know, it is not easy to understand the philosophy behind it, and the best way is to go to the vineyard, the winery and speak to Herve." I was 100% sure it was not a good answer since as a wine merchant I am supposed to know my shit😂😂. But frankly, I am telling the truth, the philosophy and the work are not something anyone but Herve himself can truly explain, it takes him decades of experience, experiments and dedication to create such things. It would take hours or days or few books to explain.

Leclerc Briant is already named the champagne house of year in 2020, I believe if they remain this team with Herve as the Master,  sky is the limit. Like I have been telling my team. 

"If Bottle Wander are meant to achieve something different in this industry, we need to be more adventurous, we need to read more, listen more rather than just being a copy cat (which you often see in this industry), 

-------I wish our partners and customers can go on this route with us, be on your own adventures!


Special credit to Peter Liam for this brilliant book, and we have a few copies in the shop.